ADRIAN SEELEY • Private Programming Instructor

INKHORN GAMES • Full Stack Game Developer

We are building awesome mobile games. We like to think they don’t suck because we put a lot of attention into each game; details, design, and all that jazz. Each and every game will improve upon the first, ascending in quality to an ultimate point in gaming where we, at Inkhorn, can gladly rest our laurels on. This is Inkhorn and we create games. At Inkhorn I'm responsible for spearheading the development of Lockstep.IO a proprietary open source networking API designed specifically for massively multiplayer online games.

RETREAT GURU • Adaptive Systems R&D Specialist


Still using email and Excel to manage your retreats? Retreat Booking Guru is a retreat management platform to save your sanity. Robust Registration, Direct Payouts and Room Booking Bliss. My role at Retreat Guru is directly concerned with the hands on research and development of a novel adaptive pipeline powered by Natural Language Processing, Auto-Classification and Auto-Extraction. The flagship project code-named "Vaccuum" is intended to be used as an extended search engine experience for finding every spiritual retreat in the world, and then automatically generating as much useful information about those retreats as possible for the direct integration into the Retreat Guru website.


Nu Messenger is a cross-platform integrated chat system featuring fully rendered markdown, multi-language syntax highlighting, million user private conversation support and QR-scan based conversations for attaching "Nu Messages" to physical objects and/or locations (ie. a shipping crate or a coffee shop). Nu Messenger has been called "the Slack/HipChat of the internet of things". I was fully responsible for all research and technical development on Nu Messenger, including the successful completion of two large research projects in the Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Compression and Storage fields.



A Not-For-Profit machine learning and adaptive systems research and development organization offering it's services for zero cost to other Not-For-Profits and Charities in good standing. Honey, a laterally scalable machine learning package for .NET, is currently the R&D focus of the organization; but efforts also extend to adaptive systems evangelism and awareness in the form of group lectures, workshops and scientific community reach-out events.

OPTIN INTERNATIONAL • Idea, Co-Founder, DNN Facial Recognition


A Not-For-Profit organization pitched and launched at Startup Weekend Ottawa 5 (#SW05). Users 'Opt In' to automatically send their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter photos to be scanned by facial recognition against a missing children database. These photos contain valuable embedded GPS and timestamp information that can be delivered to authorities when a child is flagged in a photo - and be used as actionable intelligence to help recover a missing child who would otherwise not make it home. OPTIN is currently partnered with Helping Faceless a similar organization in India using volunteers with camera phones to recover missing children with the help of facial recognition networks provided by OPTIN.

HIVE • Co-Founder, CTO, Scalable Backend Development

Because all true interactions are conversational in nature. A new iOS centric conversation platform designed to replace comment boxes at the end of blog posts, news articles and YouTube videos with Hive Conversations; Whenever someone replies to a conversation, you receive a push notification on your iOS device and can reply just like it were an iMessage, but with extended rich media support, and intelligent content awareness (Tweets appear as Tweets, animated GIFs appear as animated GIFs, etc).

DASHBOOK • Co-Founder, CTO, Scalable Full Stack Development

Dashbook lets you create your personal view of the internet by curating the information you care about, when you need it. A new iOS centric live adaptive data platform reaching for the next level of human-device ergonomics. Dashbook gets to know you, and provides you with relevant contextual information when you need it; similar to how Google will notify you well before you leave that your trip to work today will take an extra 20 minutes because of traffic - but for everything.

YARNLANG • Founder, Lead Open Source Programming Language R&D (No Longer Available)

Gracefully unifying the web with tiny strings. The more you know - the less you need. A foundation agnostic namespace oriented language for collecting data using a wide range of communications protocols (WebSockets, SocketIO, TCP, UDP, WebEvents, WebHooks, Long Polling, 3-Legged oAuth, etc), massaging that collected data, and then forming deep recursive queries about it; I.e. getting a Twitter timeline and the Google Analytics data associated with it, and merging the two into a useful graph. YarnLang was created as the domain specific language for processing all of the data for Dashbook users - but is fully open source to allow community extension, and to further develop an open language specifically for data handling.

GATO SOMINA • Founder, White Label Adaptive Systems R&D (No Longer Available)

Specializing in high-confidentiality clients, the Gato provides algorithms concerning adaptive systems to companies for white label use or resale. Although a great deal of cases involve traditional machine learning to some extent, most solutions require us to reach out to specialist consultants in a number of scientific domains; The ability to problem solve across massive knowledge ranges is what makes the Gato so uniquely successful.

MERROW ANALYTICS • Founder, Exited (Technology White Label) (No Longer Available)

A report running and deep analysis tool for social marketing outreach programs, providing social marketing specialists with an effective low cost system for generating tractable ROI metrics as a result of social outreach. Merrow was later further developed to generate daily lists of who best to follow and retweet based on natural language connections to content and branding, as well as social graph connections; allowing marketers to maximize returns from daily account rate limits (100 follows, 200 favorites, etc).

MAGNETIC BEAR STUDIOS • Lead Android and Backend Developer

Magnetic Bear Studios creates beautifully crafted apps for iPhone, iPad & Android. We have been working closely with our clients to create some truly unique and useful mobile applications for everything from sharing great spots for longboarding to helping doctors manage their patients and their prescriptions. My responsibilities were spearheading our Android (>2.2) and backend design and development process, with the help of 2-3 junior developers at a time in an AGILE environment.

MAGMIC GAMES • iOS Games Developer

Magmic is a leading developer and publisher of mobile social games and entertainment. We publish a full range of content, from original titles including Ka-Glom, and Texas Hold'em King to top licensed content from brand name entertainment publishers like The New York Times, Mattel, Disney, and Rubik's Cube. I was initially part of a 3 person AGILE development team for a full start to finish release of an iOS title, then repositioned to rapid prototyping of game mechanics on the Blackberry Playbook 2.