Adrian Seeley

Actively Seeking Remote Position

As of June 30th, 2017 I am actively seeking a challenging remote position preferably working with Node.JS, Amazon Web Services, Machine Learning, Large Scale Automation, and Microservices, but I also love to learn new languages and technologies! With more than a decade of successful work on fully remote projects, if you feel I may be an asset to your startup or enterprise alike be sure to get in touch immediately! Most of my work and personal projects are under NDA, and I am happy to discuss them in full pending a signed NDA contract.


Lead Full Stack Web Developer

NTE is currently developing the next generation of socially integrated web services. NTE's projects are currently unreleased and protected by NDA.

At NTE I am currently responsible for leading the full stack development of a number of exciting new web services that have yet to see the light of day. Although still unreleased and covered by NDA, the projects make heavy use of statistical analytics, graph theory, social integration, and have a spin towards philanthropy, health and wellness.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, Elastic Search, Neo4J, MySQL, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS EBS, AWS Route 53

Mercury Intelligence (Formerly Kraken International)

Founder, Research and Development Lead

Kraken's proprietary turnkey technology monitors and forecasts the world's financial markets, adaptively managing a highly efficient and optimized portfolio. Our world class team of scientific researchers and financial analysts are actively engaging in continuous research and development, constantly pushing the limits of automated investment management.

Mercury Intelligence was one of my largest statups to date, where I was personally responsible for handpicking a team of 25 of the smartest researchers from all over the world. Our massive research team was initially responsible for paving the way to the next generation of fully automated hedge fund management tools, before pivoting into the development of an interactive machine learning pipeline development kit similar to TensorFlow. The technologies we created are still under active development today.

Python, NodeJS, Java, C#, Elastic Search, Neo4J, MySQL, Redis, AWS S3, AWS EBS, AWS EC2, AWS Route 53

Inkhorn Games

Lead MMORTS Game Developer

We are building awesome mobile games. We like to think they don’t suck because we put a lot of attention into each game; details, design, and all that jazz. Each and every game will improve upon the first, ascending in quality to an ultimate point in gaming where we, at Inkhorn, can gladly rest our laurels on. This is Inkhorn and we create games.

Had an amazing opportunity to build an MMORTS engine from the ground up, developing key open source technologies for "lockstep" networking, and deterministic floating point shared physics simulations at massive scale. I am one of a very small number of people to ever achieve this incredible feat of software and network engineering. Although Inkhorn subsided as the result of a failed Kickstarter campaign, the technologies I created live on actively in the open source community.

C#, JavaScript, NodeJS, Unity Pro

Scalable API

Founder, Lead Full Stack Developer

300 Million Hits Per Day? No Problem. Our highly trained Scalability Engineers work hard to create and manage perfectly tailored API solutions. From Social Networks to MMORPGs our team has the experience and the dedication required.

Lead teams of three to five to develop massively scalable API stacks in a development studio style environment. Our largest clients were involved in developing the next generation of mobile based massively multi-player games to build on the success of games like Clash of Clans.

NodeJS, Java, AWS EBS, AWS S3, AWS Route 53, Heroku

Retreat Guru

Machine Learning Research and Development Consultant

Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

Retreat Guru is one of many research and development consultation contracts I have taken on over the years, but has always stood out in my mind as being one of the most ambitious. I was responsible for building a trainable machine learning system that would actively scrape and monitor the web for listings of spiritual retreats, then once identified automatically extract all relevant information (start date, instructor names, costs, locations, descriptions, etc.) - effectively saving Retreat Guru a great deal of manual labor for the foreseeable future.

Python, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Route 53

Nu Messenger (Formerly Hive Mobile)

Lead Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer

The only way to seamlessly communicate, share and propagate conversations with anyone around the world. Easily create private or public conversations with as many people as you want! Title your public conversation and choose it's unique URL so you can share the conversation with whomever.

Nu Messenger was created as a massive conversation platform, capable of handling live discussions cross-platform with literally millions of people at once. Our incredibly unique server architecture was the result of three very ambitious research projects in the fields of language agnostic text search, language agnostic text classification, and low cost high volume load balancing. Nu was created to be used by massive organizations like the Government of Canada, but was shelved due to the treacherously slow uptake process of said organizations.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, AWS EBS, AWS EC2, AWS Route 53


Founder, Research and Development Lead

A Not-For-Profit machine learning and adaptive systems research and development organization offering it's services for zero cost to other Not-For-Profits and Charities in good standing.

After the success of Optin I started Oscillate to act as a vessel for collaborating with other NFPs and NGOs whose philanthropic endeavors aligned with our team's credo of operations. Oscillate is still active today, although in a much reduced capacity. In the companies prime we helped create systems to recruit and manage volunteers, identify sources of viable funding via natural language processing, and find tech-talent to become full time employees for corporations in good standing.

C#, C/C++, NodeJS, Java, Postgres, AWS RDS, AWS EBS, AWS S3, AWS Route 53


Founder, Research and Development Lead

Today 1 in 6 missing children are recovered as the result of someone recognizing a missing child's photo from an Amber Alert, and spotting the child in a public or private area. Optin uses crowd sourced geotagged photos in an attempt to recover an additional 1 in 6 missing children.

Optin started as clever idea at a startup weekend event, using social media photos and facial recognition software to help locate missing children. Our weekend project turned into a full scale philanthropic endeavor that would occupy my time for a few years to follow. The technology we built went on to be used by international charitable organizations, aiding in recovering and identifying missing persons around the world to this day.

C#, C/C++, NodeJS, Java, Postgres, AWS RDS, AWS EBS, AWS S3, AWS Route 53

Relevant (Formerly Dashbook)

Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer, Research and Development Lead

Relevant is a card based interface layer that sits on top of apps, websites and services you use on daily basis, to give you a glance of what’s happening in a frictionless experience.

Dashbook started as the brainchild of Mo Mozafarian, that took our team of five through Founder Fuel Montreal (a startup accelerator), and secured us a seed round from BDC. My role was to develop a new domain specific programming language in order to handle the incredibly complex task of "blind" machine learning. Yarnlang (our language) was one of the largest and most capable pieces of technology I have ever had the opportunity to build.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, AWS EBS, AWS EC2, AWS Route 53

Gato Somina

Founder, Research and Development Lead

Specializing in high-confidentiality clients, the Gato provides algorithms concerning adaptive systems to companies for white label use or resale. Although a great deal of cases involve traditional machine learning to some extent, most solutions require us to reach out to specialist consultants in a number of scientific domains; The ability to problem solve across massive knowledge ranges is what makes the Gato so uniquely successful.

The Gato was an amazing opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest minds the world has to offer across a number of lateral scientific domains. Our ever-changing team was responsible for large scale projects in applied medicine, patient care, fuel and oil prospecting, DNA classification, renewable energies, and aerospace engineering.

C#, C/C++, Java, NodeJS, Redis, MySQL, Postgres, Neo4J

Merrow Analytics

Founder, Social Media Marketing Consultant

A report running and deep analysis tool for social marketing outreach programs, providing social marketing specialists with an effective low cost system for generating tractable ROI metrics as a result of social outreach.

Merrow started as a project to use streaming social media feeds and geolocational information to track, classify, and diagram flu symptoms as they spread across the country. The project was then converted into a tool for measuring direct ROI as a response to social media outreach, then finally sold under a white label license.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, AWS S3, AWS EBS, AWS RDS, AWS Route 53


Founder, Research and Development Lead

Forex forecasting as a service, backed by a proprietary machine learning system.

Fxture was my entry into the world of day trading, and arguably one of the most difficult domains I have ever worked in. My team of three was able to build a highly capable, and salable prediction as a service platform. Having a shoestring budget forced us to create a number of unique technologies in order to achieve the magnitude of machine learning accuracy required, with the scale of technologies we had available.

HTML5, JavaScript, C#, NodeJS, MySQL, Redis, Tokyo Cabinet


Lead Server Developer

iDelete, from Private Sky aims to take care of the less than prudent texter in all of us. This iOS app allows you to send self-destructing text messages with or without a photo, and prevents your recipients from taking screenshots of your message or photo.

Lead a team of two Server Developers to build a full server stack in an attempt to compete with Snapchat, iDelete has a number of technology patents on novel security systems, in which I was a critical part of the core development therein.

NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL


Lead Android and Ruby Developer

MyBounds, from Vontiva is a smartphone and cloud-based SaaS application that allows users to avoid unexpected and costly monthly phone bills (i.e. 'Bill Shock') by enabling them to stay within the bounds of their mobile plan and providing alerts when an over-charge limit is being approached. The myBounds smartphone app tracks usage information (voice, text and data) on the device in real-time, then compares it to the mobile plan hosted in our web-based application.

Received MyBounds as an "ugly" prototype application, and lead a team of two Junior Android Developers in tandem with a design team to give the whole app a radically more polished design. Through the redesign process a number of crippling flaws were discovered in the Ruby backend which our team managed to also correct during our time on the project.

Android, Java, Ruby


Server Developer

Pinxto is a social shopping and blogging platform that allows users to engage in a brand new community experience for boutique style shopping online.

Solo developed a fully featured scalable server stack for a platform similar to Tumblr and Pinterest.

NodeJS, MongoDB, Heroku

TypesafeOne (Formerly ScalaOne)

Lead Android Developer

The official open source conference app for the TypesafeOne and ScalaOne conferences, allowing attendees to chat with one another, view other attendees locations, browse the conference schedule, and to 'hack' on the app using the Scala programming language.

Lead a team of two Junior Android Developers to build the official app for the ScalaOne conference. The project had an incredibly tight deadline, was for a major conference in California, and was released fully open source meaning every line of code had to be perfect. This high profile application succeeded so well it was reused the following year for the newly renamed TypesafeOne conference.

Android, Java, Scala

Magnetic Bear Studios

Lead Android Developer, Web Developer

Magnetic Bear Studios creates beautifully crafted apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. We have been working closely with our clients to create some truly unique and useful mobile applications for everything from sharing great spots for longboarding to helping doctors manage their patients and their prescriptions.

Lead a team of three Junior Android Developers in an agile environment, building out high end mobile solutions for clients in a development shop setting. Also participated in spearheading the HTML5 movement for the company, and was fully responsible for all server and database solutions we released.

Android, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL

Magmic Games

Mobile Game Developer, Rapid Prototyping Developer

Magmic is a leading developer and publisher of mobile social games and entertainment. Publishing a full range of content, from original titles including Ka-Glom, and Texas Hold'em King to top licensed content from brand name entertainment publishers like The New York Times, Mattel, Disney, and Rubik's Cube.

Worked with a team of three developers to create Hidden Galaxies: The Voyage Home, then was placed on the newly created rapid prototyping team where I had an opportunity to build out new game MVPs.

iOS, Android, BlackBerry10, Objective-C, C/C++, Java, Flash, Flex, ActionScript