Adrian Seeley
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

Blockade Games

Development and Project Manager (2018 - 2020)

Neon District is a hybrid role-playing and asset collecting game set in a futuristic, tech-noir landscape. My role as the development manager was to oversee all developers working on Neon District, and to develop and deploy a scalable socket server solution to support online multiplayer gaming.


Lead Full Stack Web Developer (2016 - 2018)

Zleek is a next generation meal planning technology still under active development. My role as development lead was to conduct and oversee all React and NodeJS development, working hands on with designers and focus groups to bring the product to fruition.

Mercury Intelligence

Founder, Research and Development Lead (2015-2016)
As a pioneering financial portfolio management SaaS, Mercury Intelligence is a research and development company catering directly to North American hedge funds. Mercury provides white label technology solutions to help hedge funds adapt to the changing ecosystem of machine managed funds. As the founder and R&D lead I was responsible for all aspects of company operation.

Inkhorn Games

MMORTS Game Developer (2014)

An Ohio based PC game startup with ambitions to create a new massively multiplayer online real time strategy game. As the lead developer I was responsible for creating a deterministic physics engine, and a lockstep networking system to act as the foundation for a title which was launched via Kickstarter. Although the technology proved to be successful the game itself failed to reach it’s funding goal.

Nu Messenger

Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer (2012-2013)

A Montreal based cross platform messaging system accelerated by Founder Fuel Montreal. Nu was poised to enter the large scale messaging space targeting large corporations, hospitals, and government institutions. As the sole developer on the project I was involved in every aspect of development through to deployment, with a large emphasis on scalability and high availability systems.


Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer (2010-2011)
An Ottawa based machine learning startup accelerated by Founder Fuel Montreal and backed by BDC. Relevant was attempting to create a personalized view of the web based on what is relevant to you. I played a critical role in machine learning systems design and development, followed by full stack web and mobile development to build the product itself. My focus was primarily on the Android arm of our development team.

Magnetic Bear Studios

Lead Android Developer (2010)

As an Ottawa based development studio for hire, Magnetic Bear has worked on a number of diverse and challenging projects. My role as Lead Android Developer was to guide a team of 3-5 other developers through the full development life cycles on projects such as: ScalaOne, iDelete, and MyBounds. Magnetic Bear disbanded and the part of the team went on to be the founders of Relevant.

Magmic Games

Mobile Game Developer: Rapid Prototyping (2009)

Magmic is a longstanding Ottawa based game development studio, partnered with major brands such as Rubik’s, Hasbro, Mattel, EA, Disney, and The New York Times. After finishing a new in house IP title for Magmic on iOS, I was promoted to the rapid prototyping team where I had an opportunity to quickly build and test new game ideas. I was also part of the special BlackBerry 10 team in a partnership effort to get more titles on the then new BlackBerry Playbook.